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Revolution de Cuba with Orderbee

Case Study

revolucion de cuba

Order at table

We tossed in some neat guest experience enhancements into the solution for Revolucion De Cuba, along with some useful extra features on our OrderView staff tablet.
Order and Pay at table for The Revolution Group

Filters and nudges

Our approach with this integration was not only to utilise the APIs available to us via the Access POS, but to add in some additional features of our own – this includes guests being able to filter menus (e.g. for dietary preferences) as well as promo items and up-sells. So a bit of what you need, and maybe a bit of something you didn’t even know you wanted. 

Enhanced Operational Controls

We provide an optional staff facing app with our integrated Orderbee services. In some instances this can be used simply as a way of viewing incoming orders and order status. But in this release we’ve added in elements of operational control, which include allowing venue staff to pause ordering on certain menus (e.g. pause food or drinks independently) and vary production times as well as display bespoke delay messages to guests. All designed to react to changing service conditions and better manage end-user expectations and improve the overall experience. 

Integration for the nation

Deep API level integration means a seamless transfer of orders and customer data from our ordering platform into the client’s Access tills as well as menus that reflect stock levels in real time. This is combined with CRM integration to Airship as well as the new toggle gift card platform. 

Access Order and Pay Integration
Airship Braintree integration for Orderbee Order and Pay

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