What is Orderbee’s Order and pay?

Orderbee’s Order and Pay is a safe and simple ordering solution, which gives your customers the ability to order and pay for food and drinks straight from their smartphone whilst keeping themselves and your staff safe. 

It is a low-cost tool built in response to Covid-19, designed and based on proven technology. Making it perfect for anyone selling food and drinks. 

Getting started is easy – just set up your account, upload your menu items, and share your listing with customers in less than 15 minutes. Plus with a personal dashboard, that works on a phone, PC or tablet you can track and manage orders as they come in. 

Why Use Orderbee?

  • Quick and simple way to place orders
  • Self serve platform, so no need to download an app
  • Free to set up
  • 30 day free trial
  • From £80 per month
  • 0% commission on all orders
  • Re-open and keep your staff and customers safe by maintaining social distancing
  • Set up within 15 minutes

How do businesses get Started with order and pay?

Step 1.

Create a venue and add venue details on the device of your choice. 

Step 2.

 Once set up you can create and edit your menu. 

Step 3.

You can add categories, sub-categories and images to your menu.

Step 4.

Once saved, guests can see your menu.

Step 5.

You can then download the dashboard app and start accepting orders.

Have a Question?


An email address, a PayPal account and a mobile phone. It really is that simple.

No, none from us. If you’re part of our aggregated platform you pay OrderBee a flat rate of between £80 and £100 per month per site whether you have 1 sale or 10,000 sales per month. There are payment fees direct from PayPal for each transaction which range from 1.2-2.9%+30p (depending on the payment method). 

No, Orderbee is a self serve web based platform – so no app is needed.

You can see all order details through your personal dashboard.

Yes, it is really simple to update menus whenever you wish to. 


Read Enough? Get started with a 30 day free trial!*

*You’ll just need to provide payment details and set-up a Paypal Business Account before we can activate your account (you can cancel at any point).​

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